What's "BinG!" all about?

BinG! (Barbershop in Germany! e. V.) is the german professional association for Barbershop - a special section of acappella music. We are a nationwide, highly specialized association for all choirs and quartets, which dedicate themselves to the Barbershop singing.

In particular, we are committed to making our passion for barbershop music known and to attracting as many people as possible to this great hobby and singing together.

We are the cradle of mixed barbershop

As the first barbershop association worldwide we founded ourselves as a (gendered) mixed association and also mixed choirs and quartets took part in our competitions . In other countries there is a strict separation: men's and women's ensembles compete in their own association and their own competition.

About BinG!

With numerous events and activities, the association contributes to improving the exchange of experience and knowledge, which has led to a significant increase in the quality of our ensembles - certainly one of the reasons why barbershop music is becoming more and more popular in the German a cappella scene.

BinG! in numbers

Our nationwide association currently consists of: